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About Forward Service

This page guides you about Forward service from its application to delivery.

About Forward Service

Forward service is an agency service for the international shipping of items. Although it is necessary for customers to purchase items by themselves, the our commission is comparatively less expensive.

Order Items

Customer directly place an order to eBay sellers. The payment is mainly made by credit card, and our local warehouse is designated as a shipping address.

Payment method

As for the item prices and local local shipping fees, the customer pays to the eBay sellers directly. As for the international shipping fees and our commission, the customer pays to us.


Before the international shipping, the agency inspects the quantities, colors and sizes of the applied items are correct. Availability of inspection and content of it depend on the selected plan.

Intl Shipping

Items will be shipped via international express delivery or EMS, etc. As the agency makes volume contracts with shipping companies, they can often ship at lower rates than individual customers.

Steps for Forward Service

After applying for a Forward service, your order will be processed in the following manner. If the customer's operation is required at any stage in the process, we will notify you by Email. If you have any special requests during the order process, please send a message from the order details page.

Description for each status

1.Submit Application After adding all items to your cart, click on 'VIEW CART' from the top right corner of the page, then select Forward service and submit your application.
2.Notify forwardable items After receiving your application, this service will confirm whether applied items are forwardable or not, then notify you by Email. Please confirm the status of each item on the order details page.
3.Arrange Items Please order forwardable items to eBay sellers. As for the item prices and local local shipping fees, you must directly pay to the eBay sellers. When placing the order, designate the forward address written on the order details page as the delivery address.
4.Dispatch Items eBay sellers will ship applied items to our local warehouse. After the items' arrival, we will conduct an inspection and re-packaging of the items.
5.Billing After the international shipping is ready, the bill for the international shipping fees and our commission will be sent to you by Email. Please make a payment by the method designated by the agency. If you have chosen a plan for which the international shipping fees are to be collected on delivery, the bill is only for the our commission.
6.Payment After you finished the payment, please report us from the order details page.
7.Intl Shipping Once your payment has been confirmed, your items will be shipped to you. Once international shipping has been completed, you will be notified via email, including information such as tracking numbers, etc.
8.Report Reception Once your items have safely arrived, please report their arrival via your My Page. If any excessive payment has been made, the excess amount will be added to the customer's deposit amount.

About necessary fees

If you applied for Forward service, the following costs must be paid to this service. Payment is normally made by credit card. The customer needs to make a payment to eBay seller directly for items and local shipping fees.

Inspection Fee We will charge inspection fee as shown below. The inspection fee will be calculated per item.
International Shipping Fees As we have volume contracts with shippers, in many cases we can ship at lower than normal rates. Please confirm the shipping methods and prices on this page.
Storage Fee Normally warehouse storage fee is free, but warehouse storage fee will be charged as shown below when free storage period has passed.
• In some cases import duties and consumption taxes may be incurred at customs. If any import duties or consumption taxes occur, in general you will be asked to make payment with the delivery service.
• We ask that customers be liable for any credit card fees which may occur during payment.
• The foreign exchange rates include currency exchange charges and system usage fees.

Arrangement for Items

About ordering items

Forward service requires you to arrange items by yourself. After the forwarding feasibility notification arrives from this service, please order items that can be handled from the eBay sellers. You need to register as a member, order items and make a payment to the eBay sellers by yourself. Please note that if you apply by Forward service, even in the case of incorrect items or defective items by any chance, you need to make arrangements for returning or exchanging by yourself.

About Forward Address

When ordering items from eBay, please specify the transfer address of this service as a shipping address. The transfer address is different for each customer and can be confirmed in the Email sent after the transfer availability check or on the order details page. As for the billing address, please enter the registered address of the credit card you use for payment on the eCommerce site.