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Applying for Agency Service

This page will guide you on how to apply for agency service.

How to apply for Agency service

Add items to your cart

To apply for agency service, first add all desired items to your cart. For instructions on how to add items to the cart, refer to Searching items. You can check the items in the cart by clicking on 'VIEW CART' in the top right corner of each page.

View items in your cart

After adding all items, open your cart by clicking on 'VIEW CART'. You can change the item quantities and add comments to items on this page. To add a comment to each item, click on the pencil mark located on the right side of the item name. After confirming the items you are about to apply are correct, click on 'APPLY FOR AGENCY SERVICE'.

Select a service type

On the next page, you select a type of agency service you want to apply for. There are two types of agency service; Purchase service and Forward service. For forward service, you must order items from eCommerce sites by yourself. Select Purchase service if you are applying for the first time or have little experience of private imports from abroad. After selecting the service type, click on 'NEXT'.

Select application options

On the next page, you select a delivery address, international shipping method, etc. If this is your first time applying, you must add a delivery address first. After you finished filling in the required fields, click on 'TO CONFIRM' to proceed to the next page.

Confirm application details and submit application

On the next page, please confirm the application details are correct, and if so click on 'SUBMIT APPLICATION'. This service in charge will check your application and contact you by Email within 1 to 3 business days.

About applied rate

The rate applied to each order is calculated by adding the currency exchange charge and system charge to the exchange rate updated every morning (displayed in the sidebar or bottom part of every page). The rate at the time of application is used to calculate item prices, our commission and etc (1st Payment). If you placed an additional order, the applied rate is updated to the rate at the time of the additional order. When calculating the international shipping fees (2nd payment), the rate at the time of items arriving at our warehouse is used.

About additional orders and combined shipments

In case you want to add other items to your order or replace items that were out of stock or unavailable at the previous item confirmation, you can place an additional order as long as it is before any payment is made. In order to place an additional order, please select an order number you want the applying items to be shipped with from the list of orders, which will appear in the application process. If you want to combine shipments of orders that have already been paid for, please ask us via message. Please note that, depending on the timing, it might be difficult to fulfill your request.

About auction item application

When applying for an auction item through purchase service, you will be asked to enter the maximum bid amount that you can tolerate. We will set that amount as the maximum amount and start bidding. If you can win the item, the highest bid of other bidders + bid unit will be the actual winning bid. For example, if another bidder has a maximum bid of $50 and your maximum bid is $100, then 50 + 1 = $51 is the actual winning bid. Please pay the maximum bid amount at the time of the 1st billing, and if there is a difference from the winning bid amount, it will be offset by the 2nd billing. If there is no 2nd billing or if there is an excess payment, it will be refunded to your deposit. If you apply through the forward service, you will be responsible for bidding yourself, so there is no problem if you enter the current price as it is.
If the order is placed shortly before the auction ends, it is possible that there will not be enough time to place a bid. Similarly, agencies will not be able to place bids on non-business days such as weekends and holidays, so we advise that you place your order well in advance.

About best offer items

If an item is marked as Best offer, you can negotiate for a discount with the seller. When applying as purchase service, is displayed on the right side of each price for best offer items. If you would like to negotiate a discount, please click this mark and enter an offer price. Amount that can be entered as an offer price is 80% or more of the original price. If the seller does not accept the offer price, the item will be cancelled.

About International Shipping Fees

When using agency service, the exact shipping fees cannot be calculated until all items have reached the our warehouse and their package weight and size have been determined. For international shipping, you will be billed the actual expenses for items' package weight and size. If you would like to know a rough estimate of costs in advance, check the items' weight and size on the original sales pages and enter the information into the Shipping Fee Calculator.